Friday, September 26, 2008

Liarbour's secret agenda: A crackdown on benefits

Curious tale from the Dom-Post today.
Liarbour is apparantly planning a crackdown on long-term bludgers.
Of course, we can wonder what the poverty lobby think of this, those who usually accuse National of being so heartless on the poor and unemployed.
What do you think Sue Bradford?
Now, I might expect such a policy might gain support from the wider populace, however.
But it is all the more bizarre that the Dom-Post only found such information through an Onfficial Information request.
Why was Liarbour hiding this policy? Why no media release? What was its secret agenda?
So in an election campaign where we see Trevor Mallard releasing National Party policy, we now have Liarbour policies released via OIAs. Secret agenda indeed!
UPDATE: Immigrants voting Liarbour because they like its welfare policies. The NZ Herald reports:
Indian immigrant B. Mohan said his support for Labour stemmed from the party's "number-one welfare policies" which had helped him to "survive five years of unemployment".
"The National Party and its millionaire leader, John Key, will never be able to understand the poor, and we cannot trust the rich politicians who listen to consultants rather than their hearts," said Mr Mohan, who has been without a job since moving to New Zealand in 2003.


Anonymous said...

They're OIAs not OFIs you tard.


cheers anonymous, I'll make the change.

Anonymous said...

Could you have got a less flattering picture of Mr. Bradford?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, OFY. That's Oh Fuck You, you pedantic midget.

alex Masterley said...

Bradford looks like shes on a sybian!

Anonymous said...

Alex Masterley, spare us the thought mate.

Labour are doing this to appeal to the blue collar base who loathe dole bludgers.
Of course nothing effectual will happen. As Clark said "This election is all about us"

Anonymous said...

Man I'm an Indian immigrant too. Its disgusting that there are people from my country that have been on the dole for 5 years! Five frickin years. I have worked my ass off through varsity, and now at work, for my taxes to go to this piece of shit?! People like him and that other fucker should be deported. If you wanted family unification, you should have never fucking left in the first place. Wanker.

Clunking Fist said...

I believe you, anon.


ISeeRed said...

"John Key will never be able to understand the poor?" With his upbringing?

Clunking Fist said...

He may be able to understand the poor, but he'll never be able to understand the work-shy and feckless.