Friday, September 5, 2008

Liarbour's latest electoral rort

Liarbour has announced its latest bid to rig the election.
It has announced a new panel to look at Electoral Law, including party funding.
And it has handpicked its members, showing what a truly non-party, all-party and independent body this is.
David Farrar says the government hasn't learnt from the Electoral Finance Act by coming up with such a skewed body for such an impotant constitutional matter a selections.
Kiwiblog is right in his arguments against the government move, but I believe they have learnt from it. Liarbour got away with the EFA and so it wants more.
Why else do we want state funding of parties? So decent honest people like Winston Peters won't have to do dodgy deals with foreign billionaires. Dear Leader can fund more pledgecards at taxpayer expense. Parties can suck off the state tit, rather than get their support from their members.
Already, the current EFA is silencing the opposition, and having a 'chilling' effect on campaigning, as the head of the Electoral Commission, Dr Helena Catt already warned.
So lok forward to a future electoral bill, with Liarbour and its allies screwing the scrum, once more, their way, and you and me funding ever more of our hard earned cash towards their re-election.
Just yet another case of government becoming less accountable to the people, by parties losing an important link to their members, and our narcissistic PM stretching the democratic processes and corrupting the system to suit herself.


OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Another demonstration of just how CORRUPT LABOUR have become from nine years of abusing power in New Zealand. Luckily that power is going to be taken away from them in November for a very very long time.

A rather phyrric victory as the new panel to look at Electoral Law will be scrapped immediately upon the National/ACT government coming to power in November. Then John calls the shots.

Anonymous said...

luckily that power is going to be taken away from them in November for a very very long time.

if john has 1/10th of the "courage" that Helen has, that power will be taken away from them for ever

Then John calls the shots.

and we hope that he will! simply remove the statute of limitations on corruption, perhaps up the penalties, then Labour are in jail, the party is wound up, they are all banned from participation in politics for ever.

Then, remove the other big rort in NZ laws - that Unions cannot be sued for damaging businesses (not just by strikes, e.g. but by "negotiating" "wage rises" --- which is nothing but racketeering and corruption) and then finally NZ can start to breathe again, and undo 100 years of economic damage wrought by Labour.

Anonymous said...

I am very concerned about the absolute corruption in the NZ government. I am grateful to the investigative journalists who do their best to stop the corrupt politicians and others before they cancel our Freedom and Democracy. People like Ian Wishart and Nicky Hager should be awarded the highest honours for bravery in the war on corruption in this country. CORRUPTION in NZ is indemic and has been with us since government began when the Europeans arrived here.
No one person in NZ history has resigned from government voluntarily when found to be cornered by their corrupt practices and when fired have been rehired at a later date!!
The only other countries in the world that have done this are dictatorships etc.
I have personally experienced the corrupt practices of government and the legal system in this country over the last 30 years and I don't believe it has changed much in that time.
I know personally of a person in high office as we speak who committed a major act of corruption and should not be in a position of power or trust.
Should I ever be required to testify in a court of law on this matter, I have no doubt every obstacle available to the Crown would be put in my way!
If you want to keep your Freedom and Democracy from being cancelled by corrupt government, then you must fight to clean-up forever the corruption that permeates New Zealand society from top to bottom.