Friday, September 5, 2008

Liarbour's biofuels blunder

Fresh doubts have been expressed over the government biofuels regulation, which come into effect a fewweeks from now.
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright says government policies threaten our clean and green image.
Wright's comments echo the well-established fears about the damage biofuels are causing to the environment, and that's even before we get to the rising food prices they have caused.
But Dear Leader and her government has pressed on regardless.
Yesterday she repeated that even after amendments, the Biofuel Act remained a concern.
"The amendments to the bill may well have improved it," Dr Wright said. "But my concerns about the wisdom of a biofuel obligation at this time still remain."

As we question the wisdom of Liarbour's Biofuels Act, enjoy this video from those ACT on Campus boys concerning Uncle Helen's beloved Emmissions Taxation Scam.
Cheap and shoddy, yes, but simple, effective and amusing. The teeth and deep voice are superb.

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