Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Liarbour First sink ever lower

Parliament has just confirmed its censure of Winston Peters, voting 62 to 58 and Peters branding it a 'useless facade.'
Cullen was on Close Up attacking the process, claiming that Liarbour and NZ First MPs are wholly pure when those who opposed Winston were not.
Never mind the little parties like the Greens, United Future and Maori who are truly independent and showed their integrity.
This afternoon, I saw parliament on the internet.
It wasn't easy trying to get Dear Leader to give a straight answer, nor Winston Peters.
I thought the speaker Margaret Wilson was failing in her job to make politicians answer questions. Surely the function of a speaker is to ensure the politicians answer the questions put to them, to be accountable to the voters, rather than take part in some political charade and cover-up?
Is this what we want from a speaker? Surely it is a failure on her part if politicians do not answer questions clearly, and instead weasel their way around them?
Whale Oil calls her actions corruption, certainly it is hardly fair and democratic?
But we did get to discover that Dear Leader has not read the privileges committee report, or at least the parts with a wiring diagram showing how funds flowed.
So the PM has not even bothered to read the report. This takes her hear no evil, see no evil to new levels. That $40,000 strikes cast grave doubt on the integrity of decision making around the racing portfolio and the PM declares she hasn’t even looked at the evidence.
I mean seriously just when you think the standards can not drop any lower, they do.
So Helen Clark has cleared Winston Peters from any wrong doing, and she did it without even needing to read the report of the Privileges Committee. She will presumably be voting against the report - also without reading it.
We also have a deputy prime minister and attorney general saying that to have a minister found guilty of lying is not sufficient grounds to sack him!
Together, with the angst from Clark and Cullen towards the SFO, which they seek to abolish, we can see how Winston Peters is right in likening New Zealand to Zimbabwe. But not in the way he means. We know who Mugabe is.
Hat tip: Whale Oil, Kiwiblog


Anonymous said...

If Helen Clark farted in parliament would that be corruption also?

really guys, this 'corruption' line is very very boring.

ISeeRed said...

No, but it would be taxed under Labour's new ETS.

Anonymous said...

Your little anonymous sneer has all the flavour of an anonymous fart in a crowded lift. The smug 'its all over; nothing to see here; move on; don't be troublesome; we got away with it' meme we are used to from people who think that virtue belongs to kids.

You are a bore, your party is a bore, come November 8th you will find out what boredom means-Nothing to do, no job. You see, the people of NZ are not entirely stupid. They can see through you and your machinations.

Shove your 'very very boring' where the sun doesn't shine you tiresome person.


Anonymous said...

Helen Clark rocks, may she rule over NZ for the next nine years as well! She really does know best.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Did you know the CLARK/PETERS AXIS is indeed CORRUPT!

Just as well Labour First will be vote out of government on 8 November. That's very good news for New Zealand.