Friday, September 5, 2008

Let's have some chequebook immigration

National, who has released yet another policy while Liarbour remains silent, has been accused of wanting 'chequebook immigration.'
Well, I say, 'Bring it on.'
Let us encourage the world's wealthy to come here and settle and create jobs.
Think of the businesses they might buy or open.
Think of the money they will spend, whether it is on building supplies, food at the stores and supermarkets, or keeping various bars , cafes and restaurants going.
National's policy also has some sound initiatives to help relieve skill shortages.
National has an immigration policy which seeks the best and brightest to show immigrants can benefit an economy.
Liarbour, whose policies have seen businesses investor numbers drop from over 1000, to around zero, by contrast seems to want just the world's waifs and strays that will be a burden on us.
That is how Winston First gets its support.
But this shows the politics of immigration too.
The rich are more likely to NOT vote Liarbour, so they are unwelcome.
While the immigrants, the refugees Liarbour targets, are.
But which types will most benefit New Zealand and New Zealanders?

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Clunking Fist said...

So the current gummint's business immigration scheme doesn't require the folks to have some money, then?


Why do the media use the opposing party to analyse policy? Are they too dim to understand the analysis will be biased? Are they too lazy to analyse themselves? Are they underresourced?

Or is it that they lack the skill/brainpower to understand these things, so don't even try...