Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's get down and dirty!

John Armstrong at the NZ Herald warns we are in for a dirty campaign.
Get the flak jackets out. The Prime Minister's announcement of the election date heralds the start of what is shaping to be the nastiest, ugliest and dirtiest election campaign in living memory.
Armstrong, also echoes the Dominion-Post, in noting Uncle Helen hopes to 'expose Key; that he will stumble during a long campaign, like Don Brash did in 2005.
Certainly, the bitterness of her words when annoucing the date yesterday suggested she will muckrake when she can, along with her lapdogs and lapblogs.
She certainly contrasted with a fresh and upbeat John Key, who talked more on policy and certainly came across well on Close up last night.
John Key might do best to keep himself above the fray and avoid any muckraking.
He should have others to do that for him, just as Dear Leader will have. National should also be ready to respond in kind, when Liarbour makes its attack.
This is where the blogs come in. With the Standard being raised at Clark's press conference as being used to leak the election date, it shows how blog have come along in the past three years.
The other week the blogosphere also leaked the TVNZ scampi tapes, even if nothing seemed to come of it.
And we have seen in the US, the smears and counter smears concerning Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.
So yes, if there is dirt to be had, I am sure the blogs will be happy to run it.
Already, there are stories or suggestions of somethng big likely to break concerning Winston Peters and Las Vegas.
Certainly in 2008, the blogs certainly appear to have enough power that they won't be ignored this time round, as Sir Humphreys was in 2005 with its publication of the various Doonegate reports, which confirmed Dear Leader lied to get rid of former Police Commissioner Peter Doone at the start of her reign.
Now what was that about trust, Uncle Helen?
So if Liabour is to get down and dirty, remember, this is a game two can play.


Inventory2 said...

I agree FFM - let Labour throw its muck. And let John Key rise above that. He will be very quickly seen as leader who can be trusted.

homepaddock said...

Dirt sticks to the hand that throws it, if you wallow in mud long enough it turns into quicksand...

If they have to rely on dirty tactics it means they don't believe in their own record and policies sufficiently to run a positive campaign.