Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Left and The Right

These two comment's from NZ Conservative tell you quite a lot about the ability of the Left to tell lies.

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Blogger jafapete said...

Aw Come on, you've got to admit the the revelations have been coming fast and furious. She's even fessed up that she doesn't even know what the VP does FFS.

I mean, imagine President Palin -- shame that biopsy was wrong -- eyeballing Putin. All that experience running a town with three sets of traffic lights, not to mention a state with half the population of Auckland. Yep, that's an image to savour -- if you're a Democrat.

But not to worry, I wouldn't bet on her lasting more than two weeks as candidate.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 1:30:00 PM NZST

Blogger Adolf Fiinkensein said...

jafa, all that experience to which you refer actually eclipses all that experience of your molasses flake who now is trying on the line that running his election campaign is all the experience he needs to be president (I'm not making this up Jafa), cause he sure as hell ain't got any other useful experience, apart from wallowing in the corrupt politics that is Chicago. Now what was his job again> A Community Organiser. Well, Yeeehaa! That's yankspeak for social worker, ain't it?

Hell, if your man for the TOP job had any less experience he'd be back in his mother's womb.

Now let me see, who is that state governor who's running for VP? What's her name again? You know jafa. The one who actually went after and cleaned up endemic corruption in HER OWN party? The one who runs Alaska with how many people and a $400 mil budget, is it? Or is it $400 bil? You tell me which. You're so bloody clever about these things.

Jafa, if I were you, I'd lay off the experience argument. You're only embarrassing your team.


Falafulu Fisi said...

Jafa is suppose to be a journalist (current or former) and his type of argument doesn't sound like a journalist at all. Journalists are suppose to be intelligent and being critical in their analysis of issues, and Jafa really shows none of that at all.

Jafa's argument is a violation of Law of excluded Middle logic. This means that the proposition that inexperience should rule out a candidate or a vice from running for the executive office. In summary, he is dismissing the likes of both Obama & Palin for running for the executive office, ah, but he only applies it to Palin and not Obama.

That in itself is a self-contradiction, which you agree and disagree simultaneous to a proposition. Any journalist that seems to violate the Law of excluded Middle in their reasoning process, should not be a journalist at all, because that leads to bias in their ability to report.

Psycho Milt said...

The inexperience argument was stupid when right-wingers were running it against Obama over and over again the last few months. It's still stupid now left-wingers are running it against Palin, but while shaking our heads at those doing it, we lefties can still enjoy the rich vein of irony as we read various right-wingers now trying to tell us that in fact experience is over-rated...

Anonymous said...

A Community Organiser. Well, Yeeehaa! That's yankspeak for social worker, ain't it?

Nope. Ex-Weatherman urban terrorist.

ZenTiger said...

PM, there is a difference between the position of President, and Vice President. It's McCain that needs to go head to head with Obama on experience.

Having said that, I suspect Joe Biden was selected to bolster Obama's experience 'package', being a long time Senator - even though he was originally in Clinton's camp.

Sarah Palin does have an opportunity, if McCain wins, to build valuable experience as veep for the 2012 campaign. Could be a good strategy.

JC said...

Of course you need experience.

Now just toddle over to DPF and look at the Business Conference questions on productivity.

Four of the five parties (incl the Greens) questioned the *quality* of state spending. Labour of course assumed that was just fine.

Same with Palin, Obama etc. It's the quality of experience that needs to be measured. US governors often have the power of life or death, plus jurisdiction over imprisonment, justice and law and order, civil defence, taxes, multi-billion GDPs, tens of thousands of employees, wast areas, natural resources, cross border conflicts, immigration, municipalities and so on.

Only Palin has direct experience (and proven competence) in these areas. Obama, Biden and McCain are babes when it comes to actually *running* things.


Psycho Milt said...

Zen: McCain could snuff it the day after his inauguration. His VP has to be plausible as a potential replacement.

JC: so experience counts, but not that much, because 18 months as governor of a state with hardly any people in it is plenty?

Relative experience is a foolish card for the right to play now McCain's picked an ingenue as his running mate, so by all means, go ahead and continue to play it.

Redbaiter said...

"Zen: McCain could snuff it the day after his inauguration."

For fuck's sake. So could Joe Biden. If we agree with yoru argument, same result. A President without any experience. Not that Biden qualifies anyway. Get some treatment for that bullet hole in your foot for chrissake.

lex miliband said...

jafapete is a leftie pinko fuckwit peddling a softly softly version of whatever the substandard and others are going hard on. he's a wikipedia-created genius.

Psycho Milt said...

If you agree with my argument Redbaiter, you accept it's stupid to bicker about who has less experience. I've made it on various threads now, but the bickering continues, so I guess nobody does agree with my argument.

Blair said...

Well Palin is certainly better qualified than Richard Nixon was when Eisenhower chose him - he'd only been in the Senate a year and a half, was 39 years old, AND had no executive experience. He's now regarded as one of America's best Vice Presidents, having almost single-handedly revived the prestige of the role. No-one would now question whether he would have been up to it had Eisenhower kicked the bucket.

Of course once he became President it was a whole other story, but I don't think that detracts from my point. Eisenhower chose Nixon not because he knew how to run a country, but because he had shown guts and determination in pursuing communist sympathisers in the US government. McCain has chosen Palin for showing similar guts and determination as Alaskan Governor.

I put it to those people who believe Palin is not ready to be US Commander in Chief that the reason they believe so is because she is a woman. I honestly can't see any credibility in other excuses.

Anonymous said...

The real problem is that America is at War

and the left media - and the Democrats - are directly undermining that war.

that, my friends, is treason

perhaps McCain, who stayed years longer being tortured every day that he would have had to if the US as prosecuted the south-east asian war with its full capability
(as LeMay, MacArthur, and Teller always argued was necessary) will finally deal with those who undermine the US in time of war!

Psycho Milt said...

that, my friends, is treason

One could make such a case. For example, David Irving made the same case against von Stauffenberg and the rest of the July plotters. It's an apt comparison in your case, anonymous fascist.

Anonymous said...

You are all missing the bloody point.

Palin and Obama both have LESS experience than John Key!!!

The Left can't go on about Key's inexperienced when 'poster boy' Obama's numbers still ain't dry!!