Sunday, September 21, 2008

Labour's Siamese Triplets

A vote for Labour is a vote for Prime Minister Cullen.

Michael Cullen, who does not even register as preferred PM.
Cullen, the school teacher who has never done anything of note, run anything of note or owned anything of note.
Cullen who was sucker punched by Toll Holdings to the tune of half a bill.
Greedy Cullen who refused to give your tax back.
Cullen, the epitomy of upper class arrogance.

MWT has an excellent piece which confirms my suspicions of this past two weeks. When Matt McCarten starts suggesting the same thing, you know the game is on. When Labour accuses National of having a secret agenda, you know they have one.

The key to understanding what's going on is the fact that Tariana Turia WILL NEVER work with Helen Clark. Already Labour will have stitched up the deal. The price for Tariana Turia's coalition support will be Helen Clark's head on a plate. Within a week of the election Clark will do a Jo Biden and discover an anuerism or some other excuse to step down from politics.

Yes folks, they'll sell their souls and their leader for power. No price is too high.

A vote for Labour is a vote for Winston Peters and Michael Cullen. Now there are three of them joined at the hip.

Remember, you saw it first at No Minster. Well, second actually. Very astute fellers, them monkeys with typewriters.


Inventory2 said...

Yes Adolf, that was a great post from MWT - but I believe that Turia's urge for utu will not be satisfied merely by the Head of Helen - utu will have been achieved and mana will have been restored when a Maori Party MP becomes Maori Affairs Mnister, and you're not likely to see the Hon Pita Sharples under a Labour coalition.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Naah, I don't think they are interested in Maori Affairs. They've got more brains. Education and welfare will be the targets.

David Baigent said...

Hmmm, Michael Cullen might be a bit hard to sell as Prime Minister.

The ordinary punter has already seen the mean and stupid side of him.

A bit of "make up" or "make believe" just will not work after the mess that he has made New Zealand into.

Lindsay Addie said...

I don't believe this theory for a minute but if that's the best coalition arrangement Labour can come up with let them give it a go. It wouldn't last 6 months anyway.

Dave Gee said...

I read somewhere only this week that the Maori Party weren't interested in the Maori Affairs portfolio, "too limiting".

pdm said...

I cannot see the Maori Party working with Cullen as leader either. After all it was he who rammed through the forshore and seabed legislation.

Goff maybe.
Clark or Cullen - No!!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

pdm, I suggest you'll find Cullen has developed considerable mana over his handling of treaty negotiations.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David Baigent. That's exactly why it's a very secret secret agenda, old chap.

Dave said...

I very much doubt the Maori Party will be happy for Cullen as PM and go into coaltion on that basis. Wrong wrong wrong. I`ll blog on that later tdoay.

Anonymous said...

pdm, I suggest you'll find Cullen has developed considerable mana over his handling of treaty negotiations.

You mean: he bought the Brown Table with Taxpayer's money

Just like Helen "Super MMP Coalition negotiation"
bought government with Owen Glenn's money

Lindsay Addie said...

Cullen has so much mana with the Maori's that some of them chased the bugger away the other day!

WAKE UP said...

Cullen's a sad bastard, eh. Bet he was bullied at school. Only a man like him could play Goebbels to Helen's Hitler. It's a wonder he doesn't walk with a limp as well.


Cullen as party leader before the election won't wash with the voters.
But if he is installed as leader after the election, who cares what the voters or anybody thinks.
If true, it's just another Liabrour secret agenda.
Why else are they keeping their policies under wraps so they cn rush them through with little scrutiny, especially the more contentious onces.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Of course the ultimate utu happens when Labour rolls Clark and then Tariana says 'no, we've decided to go with our friend Honest John' after she discovers Michael has changed the odd word here and there in the agreement.

Just you watch. I wrote the script.

Dave said...

pdm, I suggest you'll find Cullen has developed considerable mana over his handling of treaty negotiations.
Wrong again. They are pissed off with Cullen and are not happy with the treaty negotiations process. They are only accepting the recent agreements as it is better than nothing. BUt it s not the end or the matter, although it is the end of the matter for this current govt. National hasto continue the process and on past history it is better at settling than Labour.

iwi and hapu want money, not just agreements in principle. Do you understand the treaty negotiations process, Adolf?

WAKE UP said...

Oh, there'll be utu alright - there's no maori phrase for "the man in the middle" (i.e you're either against us or for us).

Logic will have little to do with any coalition with the Maori party, unless it leads to disproportionate Maori power and influence.