Sunday, September 14, 2008

Labour are 19 points behind!

But it's Gordon Brown we are talking about.

UK Liarbour is 19 points behind the Tories, with Gordon Brown facing rebellion in the ranks.

The Observer says the MPs plan to use the Labour Party rule book against him. It's a 'putsch' from inside the cabinet, notes the Sunday Telegraph. It's the beginning of the end, adds The Mail.

But while there are often similarities between NZ and the UK, with John Key and Tory leader Dave Cameron being quite similar, there can be a couple of differences. There's Uncle Helen with her new 'airbrushed' photo, but read about a new portrait of Gordon Brown. Apparantly, it will give you the willies!

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30 mins to go and TV1 is touting 'the surprising impact of a big month in politics."