Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kids growing up fast

They always used to say that if you were not a socialist at 20 you had no heart. And if you were still one at 30, you had no brain.
But judging by the Herald's One Man Poll, kids are growing up faster, unless we are rearing a heartless generation.
The poll confirms a growing trend towards National as great among the young as the old.
Indeed, yesterday, I had to look after a 9-year-old boy briefly.
He loved No Minister's selection of Helen Clark photos and found them most amusing.
Yes, they seem to be growing up fast nowadays.


PC said...

I fail to see the connection between "not being a socialist" and "a growing trend towards National."

Perhaps you could explain how these two things are connected?

WAKE UP said...

In some cultures, they blow up fast.