Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just what is Liarbour hiding?

National has announced a shake up of the Immigration Service.

True, the NZPA report is a little short on detail but it shows a party serious about bringing good government to Wellington.
National also want to end the rank corruption of the Helengrad years.
I'm sure future bosses of Immigration will not be able to bring family members over quite so easily.

And with the premature release of National's Environment policy, we see National has policies galore while Liarbour has nothing.
Just what is Liarbour hiding?


Anonymous said...

"Just what is Liarbour hiding?"

Hate, fear and envy.That's all they have.That's all they will ever have.


WAKE UP said...

I have been saying for at least a decade that the two departments needing a total revision are Immigration and Race Relations (the latter being completely unneccessary to begin with).