Friday, September 19, 2008

John really does know more about the economy and the capital markets

Adolf really coined the right name for Mickey Cullen when he called our failed Finance Minister the 'Fiscal Fool.'
This was again confirmed by Ian Wishart over at Investigate magazine. Ian has come across an old Key interview where it seems Key in May predicted more problems in the financial markets like we have seen this month.
What a contrast to Michael Cullen, who once said New Zealand wouldn't be affected by the credit crunch when instead, we have seen 20 or more finance companies going belly up here. And just last week, Cullen said the'worst was over' recessionwise and these latest events foretell further economic problems.
Yet, Cullen has the cheek to suggest Key is to blame for the various failings of Merryl Lynch, even though he han't woked there for eight years and was involved in Foreign Exchange, not mortgages.
It just adds to the desperation of Liarbour and confirms my belief that New Zealand, particularly as we face tougher times ahead, would be better run by someone with experience and knowledge of global capital markets, rather than a failed history teacher, with little or no experience of 'the real world.'

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OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

But the election is about "Trust" not the Economy, yeah right!!