Monday, September 22, 2008

It's all abour HER!!

About 5-6 years ago, I met and interviewed Dear Leader. I even got her autograph bacause a flatmate asked for it.
I was working for an IT magazine then, and Dear Leader was opening a library in South Auckland that had some flash technology.
Contrary to the cold and hard image she had even then from her television appearances; in the flesh, Dear Leader seemed warm and kind.
I recalled her porcelian pure white skin and deep blue eyes. There was even a feminine charm and beauty about her.
I had never been a fan of Helen Clark or Liarbour, but in those days, 'popular and competent' was not the wild claim it is today.
Indeed, that was then and this is now, and how times change. Talk of Uncle Helen's narcissim is not some fantasy dreamt up by Whale Oil.
We see it clearly displayed today.
Dear Leader refuses to believe the polls are bad.
It's like believing in fairies, she says, when they state National at having more than 50% support.
Now, David Farrar, wearing his pollster hat, says there have been more than 50 polls with National abover 50%, seven from Liarbour's own polling company UMR.
Rather than accept responsibility for this, she denies the reality, it is someone else's fault, not hers!
Now we see Dear Leader criticising the processes to determine whether Winston Peters lied over donations. The privilidges committee system is 'tainted' she says. It has been politicised with MPs making their minds up before hearing the evidence, she says. And this she says with a straight face, when equally similar claims could be said of MPs from the Liarbour First axis.
While David Farrar sees an issue over honesty, I see something far deeper. The government feeling it is above the law and rubishing due process, presenting her judgement before the committee has even made its mind up.
Today, the SFO chief Grant Liddell met Michael Cullen, who as Attorney General, Liddell's boss, still remains coy over whether he has confidence in the organisation. I just saw Dear Leader on TV1 news at 11 echoing Cullen and casting doubt on the SFO, claiming politicisation.
So here we have Dear Leader undermining the legal process, something also noted by Otago judge Michael Guest in a column in the Otago Daily Times today.
And all because it dare oppose her, her party and her government.
From being a popular and competent prime minister, we now see a Dear Leader rorting the legal process, trying to act as judge, jury and executioner.
Of course we saw such corruption in 2005, when I lost the respect I had for Clark, following Liarbour buying votes with its student loan and other lolly scrambles, but also in how Liarbour rorted the electoral system through overspending, unlawfully using taxpayers money and then passing validating legislation to make its many crimes all legal.
And this term, we saw the Electoral Finance ACT, and more cases of the police being exposed as Liabour lapdogs in not prosecuting Liarbour despite their being sufficient evidence.
So here we have it, a leader now in denial, and one who sees herself and her government as above the law. And undermining the process when her side is found wanting.
So yes, as the Standard focuses on John Key and claim he eats babies and will force us all into penury, we should likewise look at Liarbour in a similar presidential contest.
So yes, the election is about trust. We should judge the trustworthiness of Dear Leader based on the things she has done and said and wants. How she abuses power for her own ends.
Like I say, it's all about HER!


Socrates said...

It's all about Winnie...

Murray said...

You know theres a much quicker way to say this all.

Shes lost it.

WAKE UP said...

Well, FFM, a little balance is called for here :)

"In the flesh, Dear Leader seemed warm and kind.I recalled her porcelain pure white skin and deep blue eyes. There was even a feminine charm and beauty about her", says you.

I too had an early encounter with The Woman Who Was To Become..., in a small town where I lived for a while. A strange, sensible-stockinged, porcelain white, virginal-looking woman, who looked like she had never seen a summer, was addressing the local kindy parents (all five of them - it was a small town). I asked, "Who is that strange, sensible-stockinged, porcelain-white, virginal-looking woman?" and was told, "she's a Labour back-bencher".

The rest, as we know, is history. Eek.

What I want to know, FFM, is what were you ON when you met her ?

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

It seems likely that MS Clark intends to supplant the Privileges Committee with a sole judge 'HERSELF' if she is re-elected.............Baxter