Monday, September 8, 2008

Is Winston First a good employer?

Does anyone want to work for Captain Baubles? Is he a good employer? Seems not!
Two of Winnie's staffers have left using special procedures where it seems they do not get on with their employers.
They are understood to be the NZ First leader's former senior private secretary, Graham Harding, and long-term private secretary Allison Jones.
Mr Harding, who worked for Mr Peters for 12 years, left his job in March. Ms Jones left soon after.
Indeed, looking at a Kiwiblog story from last Thursday, NZ First also has a rapid turnover of treasurers.
And look at how its senior MPs like to use a decent smear when there has been fall-out, even if it is a case of pot-kettle-black!
Hat tip: Kiwiblog, Whale Oil.

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Anonymous said...

It is often said lefties make the worst employers.
And to those who say Winston is centre-right, he is proppoing up a leftist govenment.hasn't Old Hell ran through a number of press secretaries?