Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is the knock-out punch still to come?

Dismissed in one of the comments as a 'damp squid' the Winston Peters Las Vegas boxing story made its debut in the Herald on Sunday today.
To date it seems one of those 'Winston said, Rodney' said stories, where Winston looks set to fight another round.
Rodney gave him a slap but there was no killer punch, yet.
However, Whale Oil says the story answers quite a few questions, with others still unanswered.
However, it takes the bloggers, those with specialist information and knowledge to get down to the nitty gritty and spell out the story in clearer terms.
Queen Bee at The Hive does so most succinctly.
BustedBlonde at Roarprawn adds more useful commentary.
And Matthew Hooton blogs today that Dear Leader's pawprints are all over the scandal as well.
David Farrar noted today that this is a simple issue Winston Peters can clear up by simply presenting receipts showing what he paid for and when.
And noting Hooton's comments and Dear Leader's involvement, David says she too can clear up the matter.
The question is, can they?
This is where the media can dig now the story is in the open and find other interesting facts.
And this may be the knock out punch still to come!


Anonymous said...

Damp squid!!

An example of an eggcorn which I know nothing about until I read Ponekes post here:

More examples here:

Isn't the English language a wonderful thing!

mawm said...

It could well be a damp squid, but with so much 'obfuscation' and 'failure to comply' swirling around the odius little man, he is like a magnetic blanket attracting all the shit. He would do himself a favour if he produced all the evidence immediately showing that the taxpayer has not funded his jaunt and clark should stump up immediately as well.

Failure to do so, especially now, will create perceptions of corruption.

As the lady said 'it's all about whom you can trust'

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Maybe the damp squid was a very subtle way to drag the episode past the very large nostrils of the ver to be disbanded Serious Fraud Office.

Anonymous said...

create perceptions of corruption.

Once again, clearly Helen as PM is responsible for the probity of her ministers

Both of 'em should be in jail for this.