Friday, September 12, 2008

The Impotent Mistress

Its one of those end of an era moments, a feeling we have reached the end of the line, a case of 'how have the mighty fallen.'
There was Dear Leader, we called her Dear Leader because she bestrode the New Zealand political landscape like a huge colussus.
She was all mighty, all powerful. She was centralising power, through fair means and foul , in her own hands to gain absolute power!
But what do we see today? But someone lacking the guts to tackle the major threat to her government. She has become but an observer, a ditherer, a leader who is not leading.
Forget the talk of due process, cabinet manuals show that a Prime Minister has to maintain the integrity of office. And remeber how she promised to restore standards of accounatbility and transparency!
Instead we see a foreign minister under four seperate inquiries and his arguments have been less than convicing. Only Uncle Helen seems to have faith in him.
Uncle Helen is almost committing a gross dereliction of duty in her lack of leadership by allowing the stench of corruption to linger and indeed build up as it is doing. The stain on this country's reputation is becoming international.
Of course, Uncle Helen is in one of those binds- damned if she does, damned if she doesn't situations.
If she dumps Peters he will probably go feral and the instability and accusations that might fly will bring down her government. If she keeps him onboard, the continuing accuations, the stench of corruption and hypocrisy will see to her too.
But Uncle Helen had her chance and she failed the test of leadership. She could have led Liarbour to an honourable defeat, but with Peters in tow, she will lead it to a dishonourable one. It all makes the conspiracy theorists who wonder what dirt Peters has on her, or those claiming investigations into Clark are also underway gain greater credence.
Such failure of leadership has made Clark the impotent mistress.


Psycho Milt said...

So, let's get this straight. Clark said she'd wait for the Privileges Committee to report back on Peters, rather than leaping to unsupported conclusions like some kind of right-wing blogger. Having made that commitment - publicly, to the media - if she was now to change her mind because some little dogs are yapping, and fire him part-way through the Privileges Committee hearings, that would demonstrate true leadership?

I'm kind of glad I don't have leaders like that.

Anonymous said...

Milt,she should have true leadership in Febuary, but chose to stay mum and keep the public in the dark.If that is not poor leadership the what is!

Alan said...

Msycho Pilt Just read the editorials in three major newspapers this morning. Enough
said. You live your life in

Murray said...

Speak for yourself Fairfacts, I call her Dear Leader because shes a personality cult commie.

Inventory2 said...

Election date to be announced at 12.30 today