Friday, September 12, 2008

If Liarbour get back in , will the last one out please switch off the lights

Fairfacts was lunching in Parnell this afternoon with a mate who works in PR.

Naturally, we were talking about the election, and as we sat down at Iguacu, on the table there were what looked like Qantas plane tickets.

It turns out they are running a draw for those who fill in the customer survey. I said to the waitress, 'oh we might need flights to Oz, should Labour get back in.'

She smiled.

But over the suchi and lamb rump, I learnt there could be quite an exodus should Uncle Helen be returned. My mate says he would be off and so would many of his friends, all skilled, professional people. What does it say for the type of people we have in New Zealand should Clark and Peters be returned, he said.

Indeed, reading some of the comments on the blogs, it would be quite an exodus, assuming you can sell your houses. I'd be going too. Maybe it's a good thing I haven't taken the mortgage plunge yet.


Skyman said...

I wouldn't worry too much. Lots of folks here in the US promised to leave if Mr. Bush was re-elected and unfortunately, very few did.

Anonymous said...

Worry - what's there to worry about -
Oh - that people won't leave?

I simply don't think it will be a problem.

Hardworking Taxpaying Kiwis have already chosen who we want to be PM. And this time we simply won't accept any other outcome.

mawm said...

If you don't want labour back in government then get all your mates overseas to get off their butts and vote her out. They might just want to come back when we start climbing back up the OECD ladder and have competative salaries again.

It is up to us to get rid of the slimy, vicious, hateful hag

Ackers said...

Cheer up FFM. It's surely a no brainer that National will win in a landslide. Even the most rusted on Labour voters must be looking for alternatives after the Glenn saga.


You should see the NZ Herald today Ackers- a huge spread on 'our Australian future.'
But yes, there would certainly be something wrong if Liarbour got back after what we have seen from Clark and Glenn lately.
Funny thing is, when Clark first got in, she wasn't so bad.
It was only in the 2005 campaign she and Liarbour turned really bad- something I'll comment on later.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, when Clark first got in, she wasn't so bad.

In which parallel universe?