Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How soon before Helengrad can take your home?

A theme of recent posts is the way our rights and freedoms are under threat and the growing centralising power of the state under Helengrad.
Today, we see how the state is planning ways to confiscate your home if it thinks it has better need for your land.
Such compulsory purchase orders have existed for years and I have little issue with compulsory purchase for public works like a new motorway or something. I guess it is something we have grown up with.
The document - "Building Sustainable Urban Communities" - said where there was an "overriding public interest" in the development going ahead, individual landowners could be forced to sell rather than kill off the development.
The story added later:
The power could either be given to local authorities or a separate law could be passed allowing the power to be used in "urban development" areas and subject to specific criteria or ministerial approval.
Of course, if somone's property was needed for some development, it is upto the developer to pay a sufficient amount to buyout the property owner. But coercion hould not be used, it should be compensation instead to tempt a sale.
Peter Creswell offers more commentary and detail, explaining the results of such policies overseas. Perhaps this policy is part of Lirbour's secret agenda?

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