Monday, September 1, 2008

Higher bills all round under ETS

Paula Oliver at the NZ Herald today looks at the implications of Dear Leader's beloved Emissions Trading Scheme.
And its higher bills all-round, not just the obvious full-related bills, but even telcos passing on their added heating and lighting costs and also retailers too.
The ETA will certainly hit our wallets as this article rightl notes.
And all to curb a global warming that apparantly ceased ten years ago!
And Dear Leader wants this bill on the statute books by election time.
Is this because she's a narcissist attempting for total control?
UPDATE: Catherine Beard explains how ETA will hit us all in ourpockets.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it, I thought Labour was for the working class. We can't pay our power bills now, are borrowing to survive, this is really scary. How do Labour expect the normal, low-paid people to survive all this? They are barmy and heartless, I just hope that National win and tear the ETS to shreds! At least Australia have a more sensible and caring government, time to pack our bags?

Anonymous said...

Anon,Labour wants to leave a "legacy" and dont care if it bankrupts the country or us.