Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hark The Herald Sings

The donkeys at The Herald have fallen for the a Donks' spin.

They forgot the elephant in the Democtats' room.

Sarah Palin is eminently more prepared, by every measure, to be President of the US than is the molasses flake Obama.


Redbaiter said...

The Herald is just our local version of the New York Times, controlled by infuritaingly out of touch pseudo liberals. Of course the other elephant in the room their idiot editorialist is missing is what happens to Obama if Joe Biden karks it?

Gawd I'm sick of this bullshit. I see where there's big layoffs planned for journalists at Fairfax. Why don't these people understand that they're just pissing readers and advertisers right off with their constant fawning subscription to left wing talking points?? I can't wait ofr them to fade right out of th einformation scenario. With their wall to wall leftist sycophancy, they're just an insult to the concept of a healthy democracy.

phil sage (sagenz) said...

such a crock of shit in teh herald. normally I would agree rb but actually the best analysis of why McCain picked Palini read is here in the nyt