Thursday, September 18, 2008

Haere koe ki te tiko e Winita Petera!

Roughly translated that's telling the little brown scumbag to get ******.

Seems that's what Tauranga is telling him too.

Adolf has just spent the last hour driving around in the fair city of Tauranga and there is not one Winston poster to be seen. None for Labour either, matter of fact.

Plenty for the Gnats though.


Anonymous said...

I've been thru a few cities and towns in the last few days. Not many signs that aren't Blue. Is Labour disorganised, underfunded and without any voluntary support?

Lindsay Addie said...

He won't need Tauranga as he has 5% in the latest Roy Morgan Poll.

Clunking Fist said...

Liarbore's Charles Chauvel had sign up at the top of Ngaio Gorge within 24 hours of Hulun's announcement (Ohariu-Belmont).

Psycho Milt said...

Is Labour disorganised, underfunded and without any voluntary support?

No, it simply lacks National's money-laundering trusts and the influence-peddlers that fund them.

Anonymous said...

Good on you psycho milt. Its all a conspiracy. But somehow I cant see those "influence-peddlers" being totally responsible for all those Blue signs...clearly there is some well organised grass-roots stuff going on.

Anonymous said...

Dear Milt,
Just a humble leg man for ACT speaking here; Last election I drove around and put up ACT roadside posters in a 50km radius. Cost me a tank of gas, a few phone calls to seek landowner permissions, some 4x2 and some of my own free time.
Question: Can you give me a trustee phone number so I can tap into some of the folding green thats supposed to be available for this stuff?

Help me out here Psycho. I've got extra expenses this election. The batteries that power the infrared camera that will record the son of a bitch that smashes them down don't come cheap.