Monday, September 8, 2008

Government corruption crisis deepens- but what will happen tomorrow?

As Owen Glenn prepares to give his evidence before the priviledges committee tomorrow, the corruption crisis at the heart of Helengrad deepens.
The Electoral Commission has given NZ First until the end of the month to get its returns correct.
And there are now three seperate inquiries into the party, following one from the police.
And with the media having followed up internet talk on Liarbour President Mike Williams enjoying the hospitality of Owen Glenn aboard his luxury yacht in the Mediteranean for a few days until being summonsed back by Dear Leader, we can only guess at the corruption Owen Glenn might reveal.
Indeed, might we see a diversion as Keeping Stock notes. IV2 is running a competition on what it might be. Well, remember Mallard announcing the Auckland waterfront when Liarbour was in trouble and there was the Waiheke Foot and Mouth scare some years back when it seemed the Doonegate scandal would bring touble to Liarbour too. Just what might the 'September' surprise be?
Could it be a declaration of an election, if not calling it, at least naming the day. Dear Leader dropped some clues today, but nothing was final. It could be a ruse.
So yes, don't be surprised to see some government announcements tomorrow. As noted in the post below, why else does Dear Lear employ so many spin doctors!


Anonymous said...

And if HC does make a distracting announcement, the MSM should be giving shit if they do not call her for doing it.


Anonymous said...

What are the chances that Oggi will be 'gotten to' and will have changed his story by the morning.

Anonymous said...

Well that would explain the lack of distraction.

And given that he has not yet been offered immunity from prosecution, well perhaps he'll keep the phone records in his briefcase.

Frankly the Privs committee should make him a simple choice:
* immunity from prosecution if he tells all about the way he bought the election for Labour
* immediate jail for contempt of parliament

would concentrate the mind...

adamsmith1922 said...

Some questions which might be affecting the view taken by the Electoral Commission