Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gordon Brown's Ramadan Message

One of those breathtaking moments of Liarbour dhimmitude. There's not much more I can add other than check out the comments below, from the Gates of Vienna, who posted this masterpiece on Friday.
But could it happen here? Well, Dear Leader put the hijab on when it suited her, even if she shows our Christian heritage less reverence.

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Anonymous said...

My God, this is absolutely appalling!
The Prime Miniter of a secular/Christian stated bowing and scraping before a religion whose intolerance leads to death on his own city streets.
He should be castigating this religion rather than fawning before it.
Or is he now scared of the terror Britain could receive from the millions of muslims the country let in , including those that happened whil New Liarbore was in power.
Brown once more shows he has no courage, just as he did when he bottled out of a winnable election a year ago.
Not showing any leadership and this weak, dhimmified man, if i can call him a man, deserves to be punished heavily by the voters of britain.
How more out of touch can this fool become?

has he even read the Koran and what it says? I am sure if he was more knoeledgeable of Islam, he would not have said the psychophantic things he did.
Brown needs to take his tongue out of the arses of the terrorist lovers.

Where is Crusader Rabbit today?
I bet KG would be ourtraged at such stupidity from The soon to be former British PM.