Tuesday, September 9, 2008

From Doonegate to police state: Dear Leader secures her Absolute Power

From lying to the Sunday Star-Times to help get rid of former Police Commissioner Peter Doone, Dear Leader has come such a long way.
Now, she is about to secure such extra power, there is even talk spanning the blogosphere of her achieving a bloodless coup, 'absolute power' even, to use the phrase of Ian Wishart's bestselling book.
Now, Ian Wishart has long been accused by the left of living in fantasy land.
His book Absolute Power received a tirade of abuse from the left, with them accusing Wishart of indulging in too many conspiracies.
I was beginning to wonder about my good friend Whale Oil with his talk of Dear Leader staging a bloodless coup and somehow cancelling the election.
But there are some very worrying trends out there.
We have seen how Liarbour and Dear Leader transgress the law but somehow the police decide that while there is a prima-facie case, it is never in the public interest to prosecute. Of course, if you are National or a newly independent MP, it's all different.
Such concern about how Dear Leader is corruptly centralising power into her own hands has now moved from the right to the left.
Today, over at Tumeke! we see how Dear Leader has grabbed power to run the police , almost at her diktat.
Now Tim Selwyn at least is, dare I say it, more intimately connected with the legal system than many of us, so I think we can take his and Bomber's words with more authority than usual.
As Bomber says, while we were sleeping parliament passed a new police bill and we didn't even know it.
"I did not think for a minute we would be so stupid to give the Prime Minister of the day such unregulated power by appointing the Police Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioners while relegating the Police Minister under the Prime Minister.
Meaning the Police are answerable to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister hires and fires those who run the policy, it is a closed relationship that does as my co-blogger points out “invites political manipulation, under-performance and ultimately corruption”.
Bomber continues:
"The exacerbating factor is that we are realigning accountability right when the Police are about to execute and mug the Serious Fraud Office of it’s existence and it’s no right to silence powers.
As the Police immediately attempt to use this newly acquired power they will turn from white collar corporate crime to ‘da gangs’, so a power created to acknowledge the difference in power relationship between the state and the corporation is about to be used between the state and the individual within a system controlled by the Prime Minister of the day.
This is not acceptable in a country that likes to think of itself as fair and democratic, this is the sort of structure that builds a Police State."
As Whale Oil states, the police are under Dear Leader's control, the armed forces are toothless anyway, and then we have the GCSB and SIS under her control. Should she succeed in doing away with the SFO, its functions will be under her control too.
The Electoral Commission, the supposed referee in the coming election, looks under her thumb too, judging by some of its recent promouncements, which I commented on earlier today.
So Dear Leader continues to push the boundaries of democracy and freedom bit by bit, be it rules on campaigning, taxpayer funding of parties, and the law enforcement agencies.
Power to silence opposition on one hand , increasing power in her own hands on the other.
Now, there are those like Peter Creswell who point out that should National win, then John Key would have the same powers too. I am sure he would use them more wisely, but certainly having seen how Dear Leader has gained all those powers for herself over the years, it is all the more worrying. It certainly justifies all the issues Wishart raised in his book.
Just what does she want with such absolute power?


Anonymous said...

FFS, would you stop using Dear Leader, it infers a similiarity to an elderly family member such as a grannie or auntie, which she is neither. I'm sure you can give her/it a another more appropriate label without to much difficulty

Observer said...

How about SWMBO (She Who MUST be Obeyed)- pronounced swimbo and rhyming with bimbo

Seems a reasonable title to me, at least for a few more weeks :-)

Anonymous said...

What she wants is the power to silence every and any opposition to her. She is meglomaniac which is why i have long referred to her as Crazy Clark She displays all the classic signs Referring to herself in the 3rd person Dismissing any debate that she doesnt agree with using 3rd parties to do her dirty work Like all meglomaniacs she is a bully and a coward She lacks the guts to front up to anyone who would take her on.

She must go and she must go now then we the freedon fighters must ensure the laws she introduced are repealed so we ahve a clear separation between the STATE and the law enforcement agencies and the Judicary


Anonymous said...

Is there not even one labour mp out there with the guts and integrity to stand up and say this is wrong?
Are they all going to cop the plea "I was just following orders"?

Barnsley Bill said...

I coined the phrase virgin queen a few months ago, it seems to fit a little better

Anonymous said...

I notice that whaleoil is now off-air.

I wonder who closed it down: police or GCSB?