Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday Frolics: Sarah Palin special

Ok! Better late than never.
But I thought we needed some jokes to make our ten posts a day quota as other than Liarbour/ Winston First corruption and an election, there isn't much happening.
Well, Republican VP candidate and would-be two-term US president Sarah Palin has certainly made an impact on the blogosphere too.
The Peoples Cube looks at the Media investigating various Palin scandals.
Flopping Aces presents a wide range of US election cartoons, may featuring Palin.
Here are some more cartoons the Democrats may not enjoy.
And here's a raft of Sarah Palin cartoons.
Finally, I leave with that familar reworking of the Hitler in the Bunker classic.
Now wasn't Whale Oil going to do an NZ version featuring Dear Leader and/or Winston?
Talking of our own election, hopefully we can find some funnies at their expense next week.

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