Thursday, September 4, 2008

Flight of the kiwi set to continue

Hot on the heels of Newstalk ZB giving me the sad tidings from Roy Morgan came news that Australia's strong economic growth continues- down to 2.7% instead of the near zero we get under Helengrad.
It's not all fuelled by mining, as an infrastructure-building Victoria defied a slowing trend from previous highs.
But how better it might have been had Labor and Krudd not won the election last November, damaging a strong legacy from The Howard and Costello government?
Either way, the average Australian wage is now $1400 a week.
I think with figures like this, unless we get a government committed to bring New Zealand up to Australian standards, like what ACT promises with its 20-point plan, and National suggests with the first of its election billboards, the flight of the Kiwi will continue, and in record numbers too!


Anonymous said...

Here's a quote from Huckabees RNC speech today:
“I’m a Republican because I didn’t want to be poor waiting for the government to rescue me.”

If we change it to fit NZ then I think it sums up pretty well where things are at - there are too many people waiting!


Anonymous said...

Something odd about the Roy Morgan Poll.
Since when does any Pollster report the Wellington Regional Figures as representative of the whole country - especially when ALL others of the Regions have significantly different National vs. Labour %'s - and every single one more UNfavourable to Labour than the Wellington reported figure!??