Monday, September 22, 2008

Fish, fireworks and neutron bombs

By Hoki what an election campaign it is shaping up to be!
There's Winston Peters and the priviledges committee, which is due to report its findings today.
It follows further questions over Winnie's boxing trip which as Adolf noted this morning, allows for all kinds of possibilities for corruption and money laundering.
Now, even if we put aside Peters' involvement in scampi, it seems hoki offers a bigger fish and an even bigger stink.
The Dominion-Post says Peters' advisor Ross Meurant is offering to testify before the SFO to clear him of any implied wrongdoing.
At Roar Prawn, Busted Blonde, whom I know has extensive links among the fishing communiy, adds some disturbing commentary on Meurant's involvement.
Indeed, Busted Blonde now adds more people are now coming forward to speak out, something that will engulf the Clark-Peters government.
The Hive claims deep panic among NZ First staff, who should now be sharpening up their CVs.
Elsewhere, we have Tumeke! claiming Liarbour has chosen trust as its campaign theme because it believes it the cocktail party tapes will have John Key saying something incriminating. The tapes will be released either three or ten days before Election Day and a senior Nat's wife will also be implicated in 'Hollow Men' revelations, says Bomber.
But in response, National has their own 'bombshells' linking Liarbour and the police.
"oh the filthy mud that will be sprayed. It’s gonna get very very very dirty out there."
Dear Leader has started already, earning the ire of the Dominion Post.
NZPA talks of fireworks and tears as Parliament sits in its final week.
But with the increasingly bizarre postings at Whale Oil suggesting something really major about to break, I think neutron bombs are on the horizon, with much collateral damage all round.
Yes, this election is about trust, something that really will come back to haunt and sink Liarbour First.

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Anonymous said...

I can only speak for myself and my close friends and we are all geting sick and bloody tired of the constant Lying, Backstabbing and thoroughly immoral way these incompetent money grabbing r-soles are conducting them selves in BOTH
of the Major Parties.
They could not organise a boozeup in a Brewery.