Friday, September 5, 2008

First poll confirms why media will be nice to Palin and the Republicans now

The first poll following Sarah Palin's speech shows a large swing to the Republicans with McCain neck-and-neck with the Obamination.
It follows earlier polls which show most people believe the media is doing its best to hurt Palin as a candidate.
But what makes it better, is that 24% say they are more likley to vote for McCain because of their negative media coverage of him and Palin.
So what delicious irony, to see the public turning against the media by doing the exact opposite of what its anchors and reporters want.
So everybody, expect the media to learn from the error of its ways, and to report more favourably of the Republicans.
And there are other reasons too.
Palin gave one helluva speech!
Palin and McCain make one helluva team.
And the Democratic opposition candidate is one helluva Obamination!
UPDATE: The poll was actually carried out BEFORE the Palin speech, so expect a poll boost for McCain. The race has been reinvigorated with the Republicans now on course for victory!


KG said...

From Tim Blair:
Palin nearly hit Obama’s record 38.4 million viewers for his Denver acceptance speech. The Nielsen ratings show she drew 37.2 million viewers, despite being shown on six networks to Obama’s 10.

Anonymous said...

Look at the electoral college

60 days to go - and McCain/Palin have moved securely into the lead.

McCain & Palin love America & love Freedom;

Osama & whoever hate both of them.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

The outcome of the presidential election is looking good for McCain/Palin.

What fun to see the rabid left and media drive the McCain/Palin numbers in the polls up and up. Victory never felt so good.

Anonymous said...

EARLY DAYS GENTLEMEN , theres dirt to be mined on Palin out of Alaska
a thought Palin on her knees praying to god ??? , maybe she should have told her daughter to pray to god when the daughter and boyfriend were on their knees or at least given some sex education.


I thought the Democrats offered hope not dirt, or was the ObamaMessiah lying?

Ackers said...


Can annymous please explain to me where he get's these 'magic' electoral college numbers from or is he /she as I suspect pooping them out his/her backside?

Check the Intrade figures on the
2nd link

Possum is the smartest psephologist around. He read the oz election to a T and I suspect he's onto something here.

Anonymous said...

Theres 8 million unemployed in the states and McCain has NO ANSWERS to heal the bleeding
Hence Palin (guns and GOD and old glory) Mc Cain you have FLIP/FLOPPED again,going for the redneck bible belt. god might help you but unemployed voters might scuttle your march towards the final goal. :)

KG said...

8 millionunemployed! Wow!
Oh, hang on...that's out of 300 million..

Anonymous said...

The left are being so utterly hypocritical with some of their statements and smearings of Palin.
They just cannot accept a successful woman has rejected all they believe in and sees the conservative capitalist side as being better.


Anonymous said...

Put the 8000000 into uniforms with christian crosses front and back(pandering for the red neck moose eating religious rightwingers) and send these dole bludgers to fight muslims and russians, FLIP/FLOP McCain no more 4 years of the same????