Saturday, September 27, 2008

A fillip for Philip

Fran O'Sullivan is often at her best when she is tearing into Dear Leader but I don't recall her doing that for sometime.
Today, however, we have an acceptable substitute, glowing coverage of her leadership rival/successor Phil Goff.
Fran is lavishing the praise on Goff for his work in securing the trade deal with the US.
Adam Smith at the Inquiring Mind sees the article as little more than a 'puff piece' for Mr Goff.
Certainly it is very positive indeed.
But to be fair to Phil Goff, despite his foolery with Arafat, he has come across as quite sensible; and trade with the USA is far better than trade with that producer of deadly baby milk, China.
So yes, as Adam says, Phil is preparing for a BBQ at his place. And come November when he surveys the wreckage of the Liarbour Party, after Dear Leader's poisonous infatutation with poodle Peters, Liarbour can be sure of one long hot summer!
Hat tip: The Inquiring Mind

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Anonymous said...

Oh what crap.

As someone who knows - Mike Moore - puts it: this so-called "deal" with the US will deliver absolutely nothing to NZ for years and years and years.

and what's more, it's just the outcome of the Singapore trade deal - NZ joining the P4 that was negotiated personally by Tim Grosser, supported by the National party, and only kept by Labour by accident, basically.

Phil is as guilty as the rest, and should spend as much time in Paremoremo