Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fairfax NZ in court tomorrow over Tuhoe terror raids

Fairfax New Zealand is before the High Court from tomorrow, charged with contempt of court for printing information from the Tuhoe terror raids.
The publisher, along with Dominion-Post editor Tim Pankhurst (pictured), see the issue as part of the public's right to know.
The trial this week, comes as other cases concerning the raids come before Auckland District Court, where there is blanket suppression of the raid details.
Meanwhile, The Australian notes 'the destruction' of the in-house Fairfax legal unit, with the departure of its top media lawyer.
It does not augar well for the type of stories Fairfax might cover more, or rather less of, in future, if it lacks the legal skills to investigate contentious stories.
But back to the Tuhoe terror trials. How interesting such details have been suppressed and might this have some impact on the election campaign and how we might 'trust' our government, Dear Leader and the police?
Anyway, Good Luck Tim!

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