Monday, September 8, 2008

Expats: Double trouble for Dear Leader

A million dollar a year programme to lure ex-pats home has been branded a failure and abandonned , as our so-called enviable lifestyle is not attractive enough.

As if a fancy website will bring Kiwis home, when what really counts is a strong enough economy that will stop New Zealand's relentless slide down the economic league tables. There's no talk from Liarbour now of getting in the top half of the OECD and the knowlege wave and knowledge economy is but a forgotten slogan.

But it is good to see our overseas disapora showing much interest in our upcoming election. More than double the 28,000 who voted last time may vote in election 2008. Some 500,000 overseas based Kiwis are eligible.

This could be good news for National, who 'won' the overseas vote last time. The Greens will also benefit as they got double their domestic vote, 11%, from the ex-pats. So yes, yet another case of Liarbour failure for us all to see. And the ex-pats presenting double trouble for Dear Leader.


Anonymous said...

All these expats don't want to live here but get a vote. How fair is that!

Anonymous said...

Much fairer than the 2,500,000 who don't pay any taxes but get billions in benefits having the vote!

WAKE UP said...

Helen Clark - world famous in New Zealand :)