Saturday, September 6, 2008

EUSSR seeks regulation of blogs: NZ Liarbour to follow?

UK blogger Iain Dale reports a fresh bid by the European Union to regulate blogs.
Apparently, it believes the EU-sceptic bloggers are ill-informed and cannot be allowed to express their feelings freely. Brussels is not happy with the Eurosceptic British media too, blaming it for Ireland's No vote on the Lisbon Treaty.
A UK Daily Telegraph columnist covers the issue here. More commentary and background here.
More Telegraph reporting of the 'anti-establishment activity' of blogging and more blame for the UK media.
Now, Dear Leader often gets policy ideas from UK Liarbour, meaning they are 'written in Downing Street.' I only hope she does not gain too much inspiration from Brussels, getting similar ideas there. Perhaps here's a policy for her fourth term, but I don't think she'll announce this policy, this side of any election!


Anonymous said...

The EFA already requires de factor registration of blogs with those exceptions for things that are "blogs" and things that aren't.

That's how it is with Labour - the things you're terrified might actually happen: Maorimander, rorting, corruption, anyting basically

are already here


My apologies Mr A.
I had quite forgotten abou th EFA and it impact on blogs.

Psycho Milt said...

Given that the EFA requires neither "de factor" (presumably should be de facto) nor actual registration of blogs, your point is non-existant, Anonymous Fascist.

Anonymous said...

I guess the fear is the state and the leftist media being unable to control something.
They cannot have people thinking for themseleves, can they?
The proles must be educated to think a certain way?