Friday, September 5, 2008

Epsom Billboard

National have put up a Billboard in Epsom in the spirit of MMP.

Pretty simple really.


Anonymous said...

What we really, really need

is a simple explanation

that MMP is rorted and Maorimandered

and to get across the idea that your vote counts once if you vote for the same party each time, but twice if you vote for different parties

and that the only way to change the government is to vote ACT/National in Epsom
and National/ACT everywhere else.

sadly, that is the truth of MMP. And if every "National" voter voted that way, Helen, the unions, and all lefties in NZ would be gone for ever

homepaddock said...

Look back at previous elections - if Act goes up National goes down. There simply isn;t enough support for Act.

Splitting votes works in electorates like Epsom but the only way to get rid of Labour is to give the party vote to National.

Anonymous said...

Splitting votes works in electorates like Epsom but the only way to get rid of Labour is to give the party vote to National.

You don't understand MMP nor the Maorimander if you think this. You must have been educated in a state school, that's the only excuse I can think of.

Under MMP, Labour gets about 9 extra seats that no-one voted for: the 7 Maorimander seats, plus Jim and Dunny.

the centre-left - National & ACT - must get 10% more of the party vote than Labour just to get even.

OR they can get electorate seats that don't dilute the party vote. The best way to do this would be to pick say 15 country seats, form a Country party that is nominally separate from National (of course, under the EMPY rorted ruling, they could have the same executive boards etc) and throw 15 electorates to the Country party. That would guarantee government and finally enable legislation to wipe our Labour and their Union allies. Frankly, National is criminally stupid not to have done this so far.

Given that they haven't well you have to beat the rort: get one party with lots of electorate seats (National) and the other with lots of party vote (ACT).

The fundamental mathematics of MMP means that a party vote for National is a vote for a Labour government

Only a National electorate vote and an ACT party vote can guarantee to change the government.

Dave Gee said...

That billboard is a surprisingly sensible on from National, but I agree with "anonymous"... Old attitudes from the blue brigade will ensure Labour continue to fare better under an MMP environment (even if there is a blip with a National win this election).

Most of the National Party still don't really understand MMP, a problem that will continue as long as the likes of Brownlee, McCully, English, etc are in control.

Because of the large number of electorates National are likely to win, it takes a large number of party votes to add to that in terms of list MPs, whereas a % of those votes going to a smaller coalition partner would translate into significantly more seats for the same total vote.

There could be an overhang of 4 seats+ in the next Parliament, with the Maori Party and the "JAPS" (Jim Anderton Progressives).

A "Country" party isn't a silly idea to think about for the future, to combine with other parties on the right of Liabour.

Inventory2 said...

Anon - you seem to be fixated in your view that the Maori Party will go with Labour. I'm not. I actually admire the Maori Party. Tariana Turia who was such a firebrand when local Maori occupied Moutua Gardens in 1995 has moderated, as has Dr Pita Sharples. They are both a bit flaky, but both exude mana, and both, during the term of this Parliament, have shown integrity.

We have not yet heard the last of the attempt to "buy" the Maori Party last election if it supported Labour. But Turia and Sharples were prinicpled enough to say no to the $250k. I would have no qualms about the Maori Party supporting National on an agreement such as the Greens have with Labour. I would have no qualms with Dr Sharples as Maori Affairs Minister; and nor would I have any qualms in Peter Dunne remaining as Revenue Minister in an incoming National government.

Right now it is Labour who faces being Maorimandered. How sad!

Anonymous said...

Homepaddock, ACT got 40% of the vote in 2005. There is plenty of support for it.

And I don't buy this "National don't understand MMP" line. That implies they are all thick. They're not. They're just arrogant Tories.