Sunday, September 14, 2008

EPMU & Labour in Northcote

Whilst driving through Northcote this afternoon I did not see Labour Northcote candidate Hamish McCracken erecting billboards. Nor did I see an EPMU vehicle parked outside Labour North's office at 88 Birkenhead Ave, Birkenhead. And I did not see said candidate arrive with his truck full of billboard materials and a helper get out of the truck and into the said EPMU vehicle.

I did not see this because the EPMU could not have been involved in the affairs of Labour or McCracken this afternoon as the EPMU is not involved in such affairs.


Barnsley Bill said...

does ann hartley still own that building?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

BB,look up the address on the NSCC website.

Anonymous said...

If John Key does not close down the EPMU

he should not be PM, and give the job to Rodney will will do what is required!

Trades unions are a cancer in NZ
They do nothing positive whatsoever

They should be closed down & banned;
organising a trades union should be treated like organising any other criminal acativity

and any current or past members of unions
(except police & armed forces)
should be banned from all public service employment, or any employment paid
by taxpayer money, and have their votes revoked.


homepaddock said...

Just like the CTU leaflets won't be persuading anyone to vote for or against any parties:


I always remember a comment from a politics lecturer at university.
"The Labour Party grew out of the bowels of the Trades Union movement" he said.
"And we all know what comes out of bowels, don't we?"
Yes, he raised a laugh from the Thatcherite students at the time.