Sunday, September 7, 2008

Enjoy it while you can

Animals fart too much and their emissions case global warming, as does transporting the meat and all the foodstuffs they eat.
So, some vegetarian official says we should eat less meat. It should be volunatary but as Adam Smith at the Invisible Hand notes, how soon before it become compulsory.
I hope the Greens aren't aware of this idea, or they might put it in their election manifesto. You know how they like banning things.
Either way, it is amazing how many restrictions on our civil liberties are underway because of the global warming hysteria. We have emissions taxation scams that will give government so much control over industry as well as put up the cost of fuel and reduce our standard of living.
There is even talk of personal carbon credits, rationing the supposed amount of carbon people can use, just like the old ration books of World War 2. UK environment minister David Millband is enthusiastic about the idea, as is the Guardian's Polly Toynbee.When will Dear Leader copy yet another UK Liarbour proposal?
And all in the name of the Great God Gaia , to curb a problem that probably does not exist.
So yes, enjoy it while you can. Not just meat and your Sunday Roast, but travel too, as well as freedom.
Why we do we put up with such authoritarian nonsense?
Hat tip: The Invisible Hand.


adamsmith1922 said...

Sorry but yes it is Adam Smith, but at the Inquiring Mind not the Invisible Hand

But many thanks for the link

Mr Dennis said...

What the radical fringe environmentalists (or extreme animal rights activists posing as environmentalists) often forget is that much of NZ is not appropriate for cropping. If you did crop it you'd end up with soil erosion, water pollution and all sorts of stuff they'd be even more upset about. However much of this marginal land is ideal for extensive grazing by sheep and cattle.

Which makes it more eco-friendly to produce meat from much of the country than to produce vegetables.