Monday, September 15, 2008

The end of a beautiful relationship?

Will Uncle Helen finally euthanase her poodle?

Dear Leader says the campaign will put distance betwen the pair, while National says hey are joined at the hip.

Tonight TV1 reported there would be much to be gained for Liarbour if she sacked Peters, but unless the evidence is 'devastating' she tells Stuff, Peters will survive.

Guyon Espiner says people don't want either working with Peters and Clark should do what Key did and cut Peters loose.

Some 58% say she has been too soft, 28% about right. 78% say Winston not open and honest and 9% say he has. 68% of Nats back Key in National in ruling Peters out. 63% of Liarbour supporters want him out of government too. However, Dear Leader speaks of following process.

Now, we hear from Peter's lawyer Brian Henry tomorrow before the Priviledges Committee which might put more pressure on Clark to euthanase her poodle.

But with the lies she or her office have apparantly told over the Vegas Boxing match, I think Peters will survive. They are as thick as thieves, birds of a feather!

UPDATE: Some questions for the PM.

Hat tip: Whale Oil


Oswald Bastable said...

I hate to think what 'devastating' means in hulenspeak!

Psycho Milt said...

I guess I can repeat this as often as you post these Photoshop ads:

As long as National is running its funding through anonymising trusts that exist for the purpose of concealing influence-peddling, its activists only make themselves look foolish by calling the kettle black.