Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eat your dog and save the planet!

Get her a place on the Green Party list!
A Victoria University researcher says dogs have a bigger carbon footprint than cars, so to curb global warming, we should eat them!
That's what Wellington city councillors have been told by Victoria University research fellow Brenda Vale, who is an authority on sustainable architecture.
Her latest co-authored book, Time to Eat the Dog, investigates ways to modify behaviour to save energy. It will be published next year.
Naturally, Wellington City Council acting Mayor Ian Mckinnon has dismissed the idea.
If Professor Vale's carbon-busting argument was taken to the extreme, "the only safe way forward was for mankind to stop breeding", he said.
After producing such a barking mad idea, perhaps Vale should follow her own advice, and stop breathing.
After all, with such nonsensical thinking and hysteria permeating academia over "climate change", it could be your children next!

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emmess said...

Way ahead of you there