Friday, September 26, 2008

Double dirty dealings from Dear Leader's Lickspittles

Last night I joined the dots and almost came up with what I thought might be the big scandal about to break.
And now the 'story' has broken and there is indeed, quite a twist in the tale.
Whale Oil today points how how he was strung along by people in the Liarbour First axis to dish the dirt on Liarbour West Coast MP Damian O'Connor.
Whale Oil suspected a hoax and he and several other bloggers went along with the hoax to try and ascertain where exactly the smear came from.
Roar Prawn is pretty digusted that people within Liarbour might want to sacrifice one of their own, an honourable member of Parliament. Cactus Kate is also disgusted. The Hive says IP addresses are being checked.
Now, we need to ask ourselves, what type of people would try and smear an MP like Damien O'Connor this way and did they have other targets too?
Certainly Damien O'Connor does not fit the mould of the sisterhood. He is even capable of independent thought, which is obviously a crime in Helengrad.
So, yes, the Sisterhood would want to see off O'Connor this way.
But what about the method they used, contacting Whale Oil and the VRWC to use them as their pawns? Yes, the Beehive and elsewhere manipulating Whale Oil and the blogosphere!
Well, think about it for a moment.
A cosy relationship has existed for decades between the political class and the MSM. Many secrets are/were known by journos but they do/did not make the papers.
Now, as media belts are tightened that relationship is becoming ever tightened as Fairfax, APN, the tv channels, etc, just don't have the funds anymore for much investigative journalism.
Government in recent years has funded an explosion of communications staff, strategists, PR wizards, etc, to manipulate the media as best they can.
However, there is one group that cannot be manipulated, at least not directly, and this group is increasiongly powerful now, having the maturity and critical mass now to make an impact in Election 2008.
The MSM don't own the media anymore and neither do the politicians and their hangers on. The joys of technology means there is the new media, the blogs to run alongside and comepete with the MSM.
Now many blogs, with Whale Oil especially, have vested interests against Helengard. Unlike the MSM, we are open and honest about our prejudices and standpoints. Yes, we want to see the end of Helengrad.
So, why doesn't Helengrad seek to destroy the credibility of the VRWC and what better way to use bloggers like Whale Oil?
Hell, he might get sued for such misinformation, that will keep him quiet, or at least running a wrong story would so dearly cost him and the others their credibility.
Thus, we get the hoax, which has been a teaser over the past week or so.
And of course, who else might benefit from an undermining of the blogosphere, but the old media as well.
Were they behind it too? Nothing seems quite so bizarre anymore.
Well, they have tended to be Liarbour's lickspittles so that might not be a far fetched suggestion.
We cannot have people turning to Whale Oil, No Minister, Kiwiblog, etc, etc for their news.
No, we sheeple must get our news from traditional sources, One News, 3News and the Dead Tree Press.
If this is correct, the O'Connor smear doesn't say much for them either.
Now, I did not take part in the hoax. I was not one of those bloggers on the 'inside.'
But as soon as I know anything, I will update you on what I can.
All I do know is that Whale Oil is looking further into the matter.


Randominanity said...

Or of course the explanation could be that the whole issue was a load of shit from beginning to end and someone is now busy trying to cover their arse.

It's not a story, never was a story, just a collection of unmitigated filth wrapped up in sly hints, innuendo, and dirty suggestions.

And I have no confidence in the explanation that it was somehow the result of bloggers being hoaxed by political insiders. That's a Roswell-like conspiracy theory if ever I heard one.

Anonymous said...

I have to say Whaleoil's "of course I knew all along" explanation seems a bit implausible.


Well, I hope to get to the bottom of it all too.
I will be making my own inquiries.
Maybe some lefties were working freelance off their own backs?

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with randominanity.

Are these bloggers engaged in a ratings war to see who can get the most page views, or are they so desperate to se a change of Government they will believe anything of their opponents, suspending all common sense and research?

Anonymous said...

let us hope for the sake of those with ethics and morals that the arseholes are uncovered named and shamed lets hope someone can at last find the holy grail the link to Simpson and then on the Clark.

Both deserve to be outed for what they are the lowest forms of human existence.

And along the way let us hope that those disgusting pieces of dog turd who have propped them up are also exposed


Anonymous said...

Having now read WOBF this is classic destablishing tactics 101 being employed by a desparate 9th floor.

This however at the end of the usual scale When you are prepared to scarifice one of your own troops then you are truly on a suicide mission.

Even though DOC would be the obvious weapon of choice for the dyke sisterhood (and Im not even going to excuse the use of the truth in describing some of the most vile examples of this sub bred of human beings) it really indicates they have nothing left in their arsenal they have shot their bolts Ammo boxes are empty


Danyl said...

1. Anyone who thinks Helen Clark is leaking rape allegations about one of her senior ministers to Cameron Slater at the start of an election campaign is flat-out insane.

2. This looks to me like a classic twofer - you publish a smear story about one political enemy and then attribute the story to another opponent. The GOP party in the US did this extensively during the democratic primaries (attack Hilary, blame Obama, 2 for 1).

3. Slater is way too stupid to come up with a strategy like this on his own. I'm guessing his friends in the National Party Research Unit dreamed up this little gem. I'd be shocked if their managers knew about it. This has rogue trader written all over it.

kisekiman said...

I reckon Whale was partially sucked perhaps at the beginning in but fortunately spat the hook before making a cock of himself. Not getting the mileage they anticipated, we now get guys like randominanity commenting on various blogs trying to throw the whole sorry pile of shit back in Whale's face. Ladies & gentlemen, We certainly have a disinformation & dirty tricks campaign on our hands now.

Randominanity said...


Just comments on 2 blogs actually. Here and at Roarprawn.


Because this sort of shit pisses me off. Repeating an unsubstantiated rumour, especially one as vile as this, makes the messenger just as culpable as the propagator.

I'm of the understanding that Fairfacts is a journalist. Given his criticism of the MSM I would have expected he would have had higher standards.

And that's where I'll leave it folks. I've expressed my opinion on the matter and can't really be arsed arguing the toss about it any more.

Cicero said...

Got to say this rather defies all belief. Am I being asked to believe that Labour have nothing better to do than to go around smearing one of their own ministers!!???

Sounds to me more like a plot to give some of the VRWC bloggers the wind up.

DenMT said...

"Anyone who thinks Helen Clark is leaking rape allegations about one of her senior ministers to Cameron Slater at the start of an election campaign is flat-out insane."

Quoted for the reality-impaired.


Ed Snack said...

No, DenMT, they're not, not entirely. Anyone who thinks that this was a stunt dreamed up by someone "in" Labour to discredit WOBH is probably right. Not, I would think, at the top level, this has the look of Robinsod et al, only the phrasing the fake emails is a mite to sophisticated for those bozos. A sting if you like, and I bet Cam is thanking his lucky stars that he didn't get sucked right on in.

Was it put about to muddy the waters around the Solicitor General being investigated by police, maybe.

Anonymous said...

And I have no confidence in the explanation that it was somehow the result of bloggers being hoaxed by political insiders. That's a Roswell-like conspiracy theory if ever I heard one.

precisely. there is a rather more simply explanation.

It's not a story, never was a story,

there is evidence of these stories and more - but so far they have been contained - within the Labour party

asked to believe that Labour have nothing better to do than to go around smearing one of their own ministers!!???

What would you expect to happen if Labour knew they'd lost, their own polling is now putting them on 20-25%, that South Auckland isn't going to come through (no KFC money), that the Maori Party are going with National (in spite of all the Labour smears)...

the question is which Labour faction gets to take over after the election. And there's no love lost there. None at all.

So the idea that this is payback for Mike smearing Helen yesterday, or manoeuvring within Labour is quite credible

Heine said...

Funny that people like randominanity seems to think there is a cover up on top of the cover up.

I saw the emails in question and they were designed to try and suck us all in. I must say much of this was met by disbelief and nobody wanted to go gung ho into it as there was a few date issues with the email that stuck out immediately, namely the incident dates - which were wrong. Whoever is sending emails like this will be found out and if there is a link to Labour then they will wish they didn't open this can of worms.

Falafulu Fisi said...

FFM said...
Whale Oil is looking further into the matter

Ok, I would call on the star psychics from the TV2 Sensing Murder (bullshit) show, to help in this investigation.

Anonymous said...

Geez, the first email said the writer wanted to keep his/her name anonymous and then proceeded to give out fullsome details about who she was and then gave her name.



Anonymous said...

let's have IP addresses, dates, and names.

and libel suits.

oh - because, as well as breaching the new copyright act (immediate termination of internet connection) they also breach the EFA

jail time.

ISeeRed said...

The right really has to come clean with this one - and fast. Just say, "Yes, we allowed ourselves to be suckered by what we wanted to believe. Sorry. THAT won't happen again." Lord knows many on the left all too often run with non-stories and beat-ups they know deep down is just a crock of shit. The right have to show they're better than that, admit faults and mistakes straight away, not just appear as bile-belching scum merchants, unrepentant to the end.

Anonymous said...

The right really has to come clean with this one - and fast

just publish the full emails, headers, IP logs,

that's coming clean.

oh, and as Rodney showed: go to the police, the electoral comission, and the SFO

time to play hardball, guys, and not fuck about.

G said...

Meh... sounds like some sort of punk'd for bloggers. The TV show sucks and the internet version so far is even less interesting.

To bring some reality back into this, both Labour and National have much more important things to worry about right now than to start some sort of blogosphere flame war.

Heine said...

It ended up working out quite well if you think about it. We proved that the left will do anything to spread misinformation to win this election.

Gooner, yep that was a little of what screamed out nonsense when we read the email. There were many other foolish mistakes too. Why I continued to make reference to it, was that when it was exposed as a lie it showed exactly how low they will go.