Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do Rapists Wear Condoms?

Adolf is told by experts in the field that rapists and serial philanderers usually ride bareback, preferring the direct control of the horse by way of knee pressure, rather than the irritating interference of a saddle.

Adolf's spies tell him such practice is known in remoter regions where consent can be induced well after the event - very much like retrospective legislation for which there is cabinet collective responsibility. Well apparently that's what happens, so I'm told, when you lay a complaint against and then get the bill from Wellington.

More to come, I understand.


Heine said...

That does sound like remarkably feral and inbred behaviour Adolf!

Anonymous said...

boy you'd have to be lax to do that!

WAKE UP said...

Ping! There's a condom (oops, sorry, metaphor) stretched to breaking point.

(And a coarse metaphor at that).

(Then again, maybe that's what they deserve).

WAKE UP said...
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