Monday, September 22, 2008

The devious dirty Democrats

Earlier tonight we saw Liarbour's hands clearly on the smearing of John Key with TV1's sharetrading distraction.
And Liarbour's hands in trying to downplay and dismiss lies and corruption from former foreign Minister Winston Peters.
We saw how the left in New Zealand like to play dirty.
Over in the US we can see this too with the smearing of Sarah Palin.
Little Green Footballs notes today how the Jawa Report has uncovered how Palin was the victim of an orchestrated smear campaign that leads all the way back to Barack Obama, or at least to his supporters/fundraisers.
The Ace of Spades blog offers some confirmation.
And you may have heard that Sarah Palin's emails were hacked into recently.
Who did it, but the son of a Democratic Party state representative. And him and others were behind some sick pranks.
So here are a couple of incident revealing Democratic Party dirty deeds exposed in just a few days. It all makes you wonder what else the Donks have done.
Which brings us back to Liarbour First in New Zealand.
Winston Peters has been found to be lying. Dear Leader has sought to cover up and discredit the inquiries. There are other investigations into Peters too. What else is he guilty of? What else is Dear Leader and her henchpeople obstructing.
So as the left will pay dirty in the US, so they will in New Zealand.

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