Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Desperate And Dateless

Helen Clark and her leftist friends at TV3 try to brew up a storm but it is oh so contrived.

Good God, do they seriously suggest that millionaire John Key should not talk to millionaire Lord Ashcroft? Do they seriously suggest that John Key is lying? Why, if the Pope claimed to be a Catholic, Helen Clark would say he was lying if she thought she might get some advantage.

John Key should come out with a strong statement today and here is a draft:

"The Prime Minister has accused me of lying when I stated categorically that I had no discussions about party funding during a private - not secret- meeting with Lord Ashcroft of the British Conservative Party. I need to remind Helen Clark that unlike her and the Labour Party, if I need some funds I don't have to send my party secretary on world fund raising begging trips. I am quite capable of writing out the cheque myself."

Adolf well remembers the similar shit being heaped on Liberal Party PM malcolm Fraser during the 1970s, after the cur Whitlam and his corrupt administration had been sacked.


Fraser's attractive wife Tamie (impeccable teeth) was being interviewed and harrassed on ABC TV. She took it all quietly and skilfully for a while until she smiled sweetly and cut the leftie interviewer's knees off with:-

'You don't seem to understand, we don't need to be corrupt. We are wealthy in our our right.'

End of story. End of interview. Stone cold dead.

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Anonymous said...

This cuts to the heart of the problem with NZ's governing arrangements: the blatant conflicts of interest with MPs and with voters.

To put it simply, people who are corrupt, whose income is derived from the government by salaries or benefits, or who are beholden to outside pressure groups, who are eco-terrorist or econo-terrorist groups cannot be allowed to participate in the political process.

Consider Labour's 30% "bedrock" support. We know where that comes from: it's the 10% of families dependent directly on welfare, and the 20% of families dependent directly on state handouts for their salaries.

Now you may be a libertarian who believes that both those benefits and salaries must be abolished overnight. You may be a centre-right ACT party member who believes that they should be abolished over the next 3-6 years. You may even be a centre-left National party voter who believes they should stay!

but there is absolutely no argument for permitting people who's family income is so heavily dependent on the state for being able to participate in the the governance of the state that sets those incomes

no representation without taxation. Unless your family income involves no benefits whatsoever, and no state salaries whatsoever, and unless you are paying say at least 20,000 tax per annum you should not have the privilege of participating in government

this one change would fix most of what is wrong with NZ!