Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Leader now in ring over Winnie's boxing match

The Winston Peters Las Vegas boxing match story has taken a new twist, with the businessman at the centre of the allegtion- George Calvert, denying he funded Winnie's sidetrip.
But this leads to a new issue. Did Winston pay himself? Or was it the taxpayer? Did Helen Clark, who is supposed to give ministers permission for such side trips, approve or not?
If she did, why? If she did not, is Winston a loose cannon defying her (lack of?) authority?
Hat tip: The Hive
UPDATE: The Briefing Room reports Dear Leader did no approve of the trip. So now what? A sacking of the naughty poodle or another blind eye to be turned?


Budgieboy said...

New twist to the story... love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Time someone gave her the punch.
She looks pretty beaten already.
I can just picture old Winnie as Mohammed Ali.
So there's Old Hell always there with the water bottle ready to wipe his brow.