Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Leader, the dithering damsel in deep distress

Oh yes, there's much ado about Winston in the papers today.

He's 'electoral poison' says John Armstrong, adding National are now more focussed on Mike Williams.

And Winnie's evidence last night was unconvincing.

Now, the focus turns to Liarbour.

Owen Glenn made those famous parting shots, with Liarbour bagman Mike Williams saying Glenn wanted the Monaco post for tax reasons. But Glenn says Winnie supported the move and he was vetted for it. Williams also denies talking cash with Glenn.

With the involvementof Williams now so clear, with him spending time on Glenn's yacht, and asking Glenn for a job, the role of Dear Leader is now the issue. What does she know? More than she is letting on, no doubt, as she was forced to admit recently.

She's up to her eyeballs in it, says John Key, as indeed she is. Remember, Dear Leader is known for a tight grip on things, she's a control freak, and she has described herself has Liarbours campaigner in chief or something. She would know what Williams was upto and saying. He would brief her too.

Clark and Williams are in it together, which is why she has loyally stood by him despite his other gaffes, like when he offered to resign this year over his lies concerning using government leaflets for campaigning. They are best mates. Bosom buddies.

But despite it all, despite the evidence against her beloved poodle, Winston Peters, Dear Leader wants to see 'due process' against Peters, even though previously she would quite readily sack ministers as allegations 'swirled' around them. Now, we have four seperate inquiries into Winston First, including the SFO, but Peters survives.

But what do we see today? Rather than show leadership and lance the boil, she's waiting for Cullen to report to her. She won't sack Peters today. And as Stuff notes, she fears what havoc he might wreak on her dying government.

So here we have it, a once strong leader, often likened to evil dictators, Dear Leader, is now a timid pussy, a dithering damsel in deep distress. She lacks the courage to tackle electoral poison, a minister so unmeshed in corruption allegations that are so unprecedented, she is afraid to deal with someone doing great damage to her poll ratings too. Why is Uncle Helen afraid of Captain Baubles? Why is she behaving so cowardly against her Captain Baubles?

With each day the charges and evidence against Peters increase. He's in deep trouble with the SFO apparantly, which she naturally tried to close down, and now we have evidence from Whale oil suggesting he fabricated phone records. What dirt does Peters have on Clark?


Redbaiter said...

"What dirt does Peters have on Clark?"

Dunno, but for her not to sack him when its so clear to the public she must do that, something pretty big..

There's a big scoop waiting there for someone in the lamestream media.. if they ever dare to break ranks with Helen that is..

Psycho Milt said...

It's really eating you guys up inside, isn't it? I must say, I'm enjoying the whole thing.

homepaddock said...
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homepaddock said...

She can't win this one - she's left it too late to be seen to be doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

The Owen Glenn plan of course

about how Labour bought the 2005 election

and how they're going to try again

KFC Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Redbaiter,right on the money on this one.Psycho, enjoy it while you can,it wont last.


Uncle Helen used to deal quite ruthlessly with ministers.
With Captain Baubles, she is such a pussy.
The question is why?

Psycho Milt said...

And the answer is "Exactly the same reason Bolger and Shipley took so much shit they wouldn't have accepted from Ministers in their own party when they were in coalition with him - because they needed him to govern."

Sus said...

Dead right, Milt.

I'm sure she'd love to cut him loose. I'm sure she loathes the dependence she has upon him. But dependence, it is.

If he goes down, so does she. I reckon he'd be a right snake when cornered.

That's what happens when you do a deal with Voldemort! :)


So yes PM, it's not about principals, honesty and decency but her own political survival.

Psycho Milt said...

If you one day find a politician for whom it isn't about their own political ambitions, take a photo to remember them by - you won't see another in your lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Peters has the wood on Clark It concerns his post as Minister of Foreign Affairs and his approving of a diplomatic passport overnight and in very unusual circumstances.

I cant say more than that other than the revelation if leaked by Peters thru a 3rd party would destroy Clark and the Labour Party


Anonymous said...

I cant say more than that other than the revelation if leaked by Peters thru a 3rd party would destroy Clark and the Labour Party

Well why the fuck not?


gd, You mean the matter that Ian Wishart tried to get to the bottom of in his book Absolute Power.
The matter that led TVNZ to spend $7000 flying people over to make their own enquiries?
The matter that concerns an incident at one of the airports there, either LAX or San Fran?

Anonymous said...

yeah, LAX boy.

turns our someone has --- more phone records.

But doesn't have Shaun Tan's courage.

Psycho Milt said...

So, on the one hand, we have a plausible and perfectly ordinary explanation, and on the other we have dark mutterings about terrible things that you can't tell us about, but which are, like, really really bad. Is this a comedy act or what?


And I thought this would only come out when Helen wrote her autobiography and updated it after her elderly parents died.

But Does Winston know more? Financial scandals involving various ministers?
Though of course, if Liarbore follow UK Liarbore there should be some more decent sex scandals too.

The Sun reader in me is getting excited.


Yes, it does make you wonder PM.

But it is fun to speculate.


Back to the issue at hand.
Audrey Young's comments this afternoon about Owen Glenn's attacks have brought Liarbour and Winston closer together are quite interesting.
But it just confirms the slogans that a vote for winnie is a vote for NZ First, etc.

Anonymous said...

I see there's comments on Kiwiblog and The Hive that says Clark is aso being investigated for corruption.