Friday, September 12, 2008

The Day the World Changed

Due to the time difference, September 11 for us is actually on the 12th.
On that fateful morning seven years ago, I was living in Freemans Bay and my parents were visiting from the UK.
Around 7am, my brother rung from England and told us to watch th tv.
At first, we thought ther's there's been a major earthquake or something.
Well it was an earthquake of different sorts, shattering the sensibilities that we had had at the time, that the world was a fairly safe place. Instead, we woke up to the fact that there was a new enemy out there, a new evil, militant Islam.
That day, at work in Queen Street, was not the most productive as everybody was keen to see the drama and horror unfold before us.
And the events and horrors of that day, of the thousands that died, changed the course of history.
Not just US politics but the world too as countries grappled with the 'War on Terror' whether they wanted to confont the issue or whether, like Spain, and increasingly Britain under Gordon Brown some years later, they want to bury their heads in the sand, regardless of how many of their own people get killed in this long war, or even how many of their 'own people' , muslim immigrants. become involved in the 'jihad.'
It is the challenge of the age. Do you confront this beast or mitigate it, bow down to it, give in to it?
I guess 9-11 will as much determine the Bush presidency as the War in Iraq, and for what else you think of him, at least under the watch of President Bush, there has not been a repeat of 9-11 in America, even though such repeats had been expected.
Now, there may be times when you might wonder if all the drama over 9-11 might be overdone. I have sometimes experienced those thoughts myself, occassionally, but when I visited New York last December and visited 'Ground Zero' you do become emotionally overwhelmed by the place and can better understand the lasting legacy 9-11 will have on all Amercians and as indeed it should on us all.
The three words I leave you belong to another age, another century, but they seem apt for the conflict that will define and determine the 21st century: Lest we forget.

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And as of this moment, our MSM (well, the Herald anyway) has yet to say anything about it.