Monday, September 22, 2008

The credit crisis: Governments not capitalism to blame

Uneducated lefties like Finlay McDonald might learn something if they read more.
As might Gordon Brown and Michael Cullen, and Keeping Stock might not get so upset with his Sunday newspaper.
Anyway, while it might not be making the MSM so much, thereis a wealth of evidence suggesting that government is to blame for the current financial crisis, rather than unfettered capitalism.
There is not enough free markets, rather than too much.
Investors Business Daily blames Congress and its regulations.
Jimmy Carter encouraging borrowing to less creditworthy groups is also to blame.
Five years ago, George Bush wantted a better regulator for Freddie and Fannie but the Democrats said no.
Thus, as Flopping Aces notes, Obama and the Democrats can take the blame.
Meanwhile, Guido Fawkes explains the impact on capitalism of the US government bail-out.
So they socialists may have their victory, when in reality, it is they who are to blame!

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