Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Comment of the Decade

hattip Powerline

"Jim Geraghty at the Campaign Spot:
'In 72 hours, the media has subjected Bristol Palin to more scrutiny than they've given to Barack Obama in two years.' "


Danyl said...

Yep, that whole Democratic primary against Hilary sure was a cakewalk.

Ackers said...

Which just goes to show what a triumph this selection has been for McCain. Now watch the Republicans start whining about how unfair it all is rather than examining the political nous of the idiot who chose her.

A game changer alright.

mawm said...

Fortunately the American electorate is a bit more mature than some of the commentators on this blog.

Anonymous said...

oh whoops - the McCain/Palin lead continues to rise

and McCain is now out-raising Obama by $2 to $1.

people who question Palin are sexist, anti-christian bigots who hate single parents.

Ackers said...

I wonder what planet annoymous lives on?

Anonymous said...

I am a Palin groupie. Can't wait to see her address the RNC. The good old USA, where it's OK to be a hardline conservative.
The far left are going to crucify themselves over this.

Anonymous said...

Whats to study about Obama?

He has studied; been a community organiser with some dodgy buggers; gone to the senate and done nothing of note; duked it out with a woman who reminded too many men of their first wife; had a baccalaureate tour of Europe.


No wonder the press find the fecund Alaskan teen and her fertile boyfriend more interesting

WAKE UP said...
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