Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clark Talks Down Fontera's Value

Adolf was aghast when he heard the Bilious Bitch bad mouthing Fonterra the other day over its alleged involvement in the Chinese milk scandal.

Today comes the news that Fonterra has written down the value of its holding in San Lu by $139mil. That's not the PM's fault but any brand damage in other markets most certainly can be sheeted home directly to her corrosive comments.

You don't have to be very bright to realise that Fonterra's international rivals will be watching this episode like hawks and, just as Clark and Co take every opportunity to lie, distort and misrepresent every syllable uttered by John Key, so will our rivals treat Fonterra. I can just imagine the campaign already being readied for our non Chinese overseas markets. That's where the real damage will be done. Here's the campaign theme:

"New Zealand's own Prime Minister slams Fonterra over contaminated milk scandal and dead babies. Don't risk your children's health."

She did it to TVNZ, Air New zealand and Auckland Internation Airport. Now she's trashed our biggest asset of all, Fonterra's reputation in our overseas markets and all for a few vote catching sound bites.

That means bad bad news for every New Zealander. If the dairy payout drops to $5.00 then NZ is truly stuffed.

Helen Clark has turned out to be a commercial angel of death.

Truly the most execrable, despicable and egregious Bilious Bitch one could ever have the misfortune to encounter.


pdm said...

Adolf don't forget Telecom which Cunliffe dealt to.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sorry, I missed that.

WAKE UP said...

The Chinese poison themselves and it's OUR FAULT. Yeah right. Only one person in the world believs this - but that person happens to be the Prime Minister.

Surely there's a treason statute on the books that we can invoke?

Canuckiwi01 said...

would you expect a socialist to really give a toss about a commercial entity (yes, even a monopoly that they facilitated)?

Clunking Fist said...

I'd use the C-word, but I know you want to remain in MailMarshells good books.

Bug she is, a fetid one at that. Let see: I wonder if Fonterra donated to Liarbore. And I wonder how they feel about it now...