Friday, September 26, 2008

Clark 'nearing the end of her time.'

Pita Sharples has once more laid the boot into Uncle Helen.
Pita Sharples said he was no longer sure if he trusted Prime Minister Helen Clark, and said she was nearing the end of her time."
She has been a great leader; she has done great things for the country," Dr Sharples said in an interview recorded yesterday for TVNZ 7.
"But maybe she is nearing the end of her time.
"Recent events in Parliament showed Miss Clark was clinging to power, he said.
"She is appearing quite desperate ... she is behaving like someone who is really, really desperate to get back into Parliament at any cost."
I saw a shorter version of the quote in an NZPA story late yesterday, and it got me thinking.
Why the sudden number of treaty settlements just being announced?
Remember, the big deals like Tainui and Ngai Tahu happened under National in the 90s and nothing much happened since.
How interesting we seem to be getting quite a few settlements just prior to the election, where Liarbour fears losing support to the Maori Party?


Anonymous said...

Winiata made the Maori Party's position clear on Radiosocialism on monday:

They except the largest party voted by Kiwis to be in government.

on that basis, Labour will never be in government again. ever.

Anonymous said...

The integrity and mana of the Maori party is most impressive.
It is time for them to be seated at the big table of power.
And not just with a few minor and tokenistic roles in government.
But a major portfolio or two.
Let them be tested and trusted with real, actual power in one or two areas.
I am sure it will be a learning experience for all concerned.