Friday, September 12, 2008

Churches indulging in politics

It was Lenin who commented about educating a child for four years and he would become a committed communist for life.
So how about the giving of weekly politicised sermons from the pulpit?
Now, the Church of England used to be known as the Tory Party at Prayer, though when Margaret Thatcher came along, the CoE seemed to worship too much at the feet of pacifism and socialism, only realising in the David Cameron era that after 10-11 years of New Labour the Tories might not be so bad after all.
Which brings me on to a story in the Dom-Post which says the churches are taking a 'moral stand' on various issues.

Catholic bishops and the Salvation Army have issued pre-election guides and this week a number of church leaders have supported a call for politicians to "front up to the issue of reducing persistent levels of poverty" in New Zealand.
The bishops have highlighted issues such as abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, euthanasia and same-sex adoptions, all of which the Catholic Church opposes.


The Salvation Army's election guide, A New Journey, calls for tighter control of liquor and poker-machine licences, and says tougher jail sentences do not work.
Working for Families and the 20-hours free childcare scheme had favoured middle-class families rather than the poorest, with one in five Kiwi children still living in poverty, it said.


This week, church leaders from several Christian denominations gave their support to an open letter issued by the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services (NZCCSS).
The council calls for policies to eliminate poverty, support families and protect children, provide for the elderly and enable access to affordable housing.

This seems like the same old touchy feely liberal left claptrap that has been failing New Zealand and many countries for decades. But I feel the pulpit politicians, who would seem to be more at home in the Liarbour party, better watch out. I am sure their will be those with more traditional values will tire of such tirages that they leave and find a church mor to their liking. Is this why Destiny seems to be growing and becoming a political force, a conservative reaction to the liberal left. Is this why various churches in the US seem more associated with the Republicans now, after worshippers became tired of a liberalism from the mainsteam that seemed so out of touch with reality.
Just as the MSM is losing its flock of readers/viewers for its liberalism, so might the MSC- Mainstream Churches!
Perhaps such churches might wish to go back to basics instead. I am sure a few lectures on honesty might be useful in certain political circles, however!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

FFM, perhaps you need to be reminded that it was the same churches against which you direct your tirade which did in fact look after the poor and disabled, educated the people, and healed the sick and infirm, before governments decided to take over that role. It is the same churches which continue to look after those who fall through the many cracks in government largess.

It is ridiculous to suggest that churches should not ask their members to consider issues during an election campaign and to consider those issues from a Christian ethics point of view.

You need to get out a bit more and realise that not all churches are populated by weepy eyed liberals.

adamsmith1922 said...

Are the churches registered under the EFA?

Mr Dennis said...

Adolf is right, churches have always had a concern for the poor. Most libertarians would want the poor to be cared for through private charity, such as churches, so would I have thought supported churches taking an interest in the poor.

As in the wider population, within churches you will find some disagreement about exactly where state support should end and private charity should start. But a concern for the poor is (should) be common for all Christians.

Saying we need to reduce poverty does not automatically mean more welfare. In fact, the statement by the Salvation Army that Working for Families and the 20 hours free childcare scheme were ineffective is exactly what the right has been saying all along.

In our policies (The Family Party, the only Christian party contesting the election) we find a balance between state and private charity support, and favour the delivery of welfare services through private charity rather than one-size-fits-all state welfare solutions. We would promote business, and are looking for tax cuts and a flatter tax structure, so you can hardly call this "touchy feely liberal left claptrap"!

Clunking Fist said...

mr dennis, you may be right, but MY (sometimes) church is more concerned about the roof.

JC said...

I've defended the mainstream churches for years because we take much of all that's good in Western democracy from them.

However, in NZ they have become increasingly partisan Labourites with their Hikoi of Hope, giving the pulpit to Clark, being silent on the plight of beneficiaries under Labour and above all.. saying nothing about the ethics and moral aspects of Winstongate.

I consider them corrupt and corrupted by taking political sides. The only reason they have been making noises lately is they smell a change in govt and are keen to attack the "real" enemy.. not poverty, but National.