Tuesday, September 30, 2008

China causing a crisis

I never got excited with Dear Leader's free trade deal with China, because we were dealing with a bunch of Godless , dictatoral communists.
I never expected we would face the troubles of unsafe food.
Now even our chocolate might not be safe.
I've always liked Cadbury's, especially the English variety, believing it to be better than Kiwi-made.
Is any food product from China worth risking. I doubt it.
UPDATE: This is a bit rich, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Why has NZ not followed the rest of the world and banned milk products from China.Surely the Government must act now to protect its citizens.

Anonymous said...

godless, dictatorial communists? yeah, but what about the chinese?

Barnsley Bill said...

anon... Lol.
Go and have a look in your pantry and your fridge. You will be stunned how of the food we eat every day has arrived via China.
I had a clean out at the weekend and will be more circumspect when new worlding in future

WAKE UP said...

The FTA was always a BAD idea, driven by immigration and voting patterns...and as ever with China, nobody knew what they were dealing with - and still don't.

Anonymous said...

Whitakers make their chocolate in NZ from imported cocoa beans.No other company does. They might get their milk from Tatua though........Baxter

Clunking Fist said...

"Whitakers make their chocolate in NZ from imported cocoa beans.No other company does."

Eh? You mean the other companies grow their own? I suspect they don't. Anyone know the answer?